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Company Description

A Zucchetti é uma multinacional Italiana de tecnologia, que está há 10 anos no Brasil e possui presença em mais de 50 países. Com mais de 700 mil clientes, a Zucchetti é a primeira e maior desenvolvedora de software da Itália, conta com alto investimento em inovação e em 2020 faturou mais de 6 bilhões de reais.

Através da união de pessoas e tecnologia, criamos inovação que melhora a vida de todos. Sabemos que a nossa missão de inovar para transformar só acontece através de pessoas talentosas e engajadas com nosso propósito. Valorizamos histórias e conexões.

Os talentos Zucchetti possuem em seu DNA valores relacionados a colaboração, responsabilidade, autonomia, inovação, garra e muita vontade! Nosso compromisso em desenvolver nossos talentos é tão grande quanto o compromisso deles com o desenvolvimento da companhia. Crescemos juntos!

Procuramos por novos talentos que querem fazer parte deste grande time e de uma empresa global! Confira as nossas posições em aberto:


Principais Responsabilidades:

Apoiar o setor de suporte ao cliente;

Atualização de planilhas e outras demandas importantes;

Auxilia nos testes;


Requisitos Necessários:

Ter entre 16 e 20 anos;

Estar cursando o Ensino Médio ou Técnico;

Possuir conhecimentos basicos de informática;

Agir de forma proativa, comunicativa e flexivel.

Other information

Carga horária de 20 horas semanais em horario comercial.


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Collection and use of information

ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA collects information and data that users choose to provide; ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA also collects information related to access of users in order to identify, solve problems and improve offered services.

The purpose of the collection and the use of information are those of the autonomous reporting by candidates towards clients and partners of ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA, which are interested in searching and recruiting human resources, through the information of curricula vitae and profiles voluntarily entered by the candidates themselves.

The information that users choose to insert on the Portal will be consulted, used and classified by other individuals/ organizations that can have access, as holders of rights guaranteed by the partnership or customer relationship with ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA.

ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA performs all necessary operations to ensure that the information are placed in a safe and protected environment, trying to restrict access to the database and distributing rights to users with adequate methods, but can not guarantee that unauthorized individuals/ organizations will not have access through an irregular method.

ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA, moreover, can not control the ways in which the authorized users catalog and transfer the information downloaded from the database, therefore it is user's responsibility to ensure that sensitive information are not inserted in ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA Portal.

Information provided by the Users are used by ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA to deliver offered products and services and to develop the Portal; some of our services may include the display of customized contents and advertising messages.

ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA may use the user's information to contact him/ her about Portal updates, to conduct surveys and for informative communications (with the possibility for the user to refuse the consent) and related to its services, including updates of the software used.

Communication of collected information

ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA may share information provided by users with third parties that support the delivery of its products and the performance of its services towards the users. These third parties may not use these information for purposes other than assistance and support in providing these products and services.

The information gathered can be shared if this is required by law. The information gathered on our web sites are cataloged in whole or in part in Italy and are subject to Italian law.

ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA may disclose or transfer information if its business is sold or acquired.

Management of his/ her own information by the user

The user can review, correct or delete its personal information at any time; to perform these operations, user can enter in his/ her private area, click on the Profile and/ or User Settings button and make all necessary changes.

The above information about the users will be deleted, but logs and other user demographic and statistical information could be kept, maintaining an archived copy of these information anonymously.

If the personal information of the users have been consulted by other individuals/ organizations before the revisions and deletions, ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA can not perform the deletion of previous information on their systems.i.

Other relevant information and insights

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For any further information or details, clarifications and questions about our privacy policy, please contact us by writing an e-mail to  or through the forms in the contact sections of our web site. It is also possible to write us at the following address: ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE E SISTEMAS LTDA, , ,  - Brazil.

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